What is a VIP Reel

A VIP Reel is a unique service for actors. In one hour, we take two actors, shoot basic headshots, video slates and a short scene. Within ten days of the sitting, we provide each actor with a CDROM containing headshot and VIP Reel. A VIP Reel is a short movie two to three minutes long that opens with your headshot, transitions to your video slate, then to your scene, and closes with your headshot. Each actor gets an individualized VIP Reel. 



A VIP Reel costs $250 per actor. Two actors must

sign up for a sitting.


Why So Inexpensive? 

We put  two actors through their paces very quickly. In the first fifteen minutes, we shoot both headshots. In the second fifteen minutes, we shoot both video slates. In the last thirty minutes, we shoot the scene. We use a naturalistic setting in an upscale hotel suite. We minimize blocking, lighting changes, camera angles, and use lavalier mikes.  


Make an Appointment

Sittings are by appointment only. A $125 security deposit is required, paid seven business days in advance of the shoot date. No shows are non-refundable. To make an appointment, email: 




Getting the Role

What happens when you go to an audition? 



Example VIP Reels

See Example 2: Julia Beal

See Example 5: Ron Randolph


Vincentio Films has teamed up with Forcier Casting, Mosaic Acting Academy, and, Point De Vue Photos.


See Forcier Casting website.

See Mosaic Acting Academy website.

See Point De Vue website.



We provide a script. You may use your own script, if discussed ahead of time. Scenes must not be longer than two minutes.


If you want to shine in your VIP Reel, be well prepared. Rehearse your lines! Your VIP Reel is only as good as your rehearsal work. You have less than ten minutes to do your video slate, and less than thirty minutes to do your scene. That means you only get a few  takes. The more rehearsed you are, the better those few takes are, giving the editor more choices in making you look good. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. You can arrange a coaching session before shooting your VIP REEL with Charlie Holliday.


See Charlie's IMDB.com credits. 

See Charlie's website: Mosaic Acting Academy

Acting Partner

It is important that you and your acting partner commit your time to the VIP Reel. Make sure you both get some solid rehearsals done before you show for your reel. Make sure you rehearse together. Do not block the scene. Rehearse the scene sitting down. Again, make sure you both can commit to the appointment time and that you can rehearse together beforehand. If you do not have an acting partner readily available, you might be able to pair up with one of Charlie's students.