Local Films and People

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A film that completed, was released, but did not receive distribution has a listing as follows:


FilmName (ReleaseDate) 


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Local Independent Films

The films in this section were made, or, are being made, by local film makers within the Sacramento region. 


The 11th Day (2005) 

99 Pieces

All for One: In the Spirit of ...  (2002)


The Art of Travel

Bang the Machine (2002)

Bench Warmers (2002)

Bikini Planet (2002) Yankee Films

Blood, Guts, Bullets..  Octane (1998) Universal

Bongee Bear and Kingdom of Rhythm

Breakdown Road

The Chosen 1

Closed for Christmas

County Kilburn (2000)

Coyote (1997) 

The Curse of Hemet

Farewell Bender (2005) 

The Final Job (2006)

The Final Showdown (2006)

Fraud Feathers and Fairies (2003)

Fugitive Hunter (2005) Lions Gate

Futz! (1969) 

This Hollow Sacrament (2006)

I'd Rather Be... Gone (2001) 


Just Us


Legacy (2005)

Legend of Chupacabras (2000) Spartan

Lineage (1997) 

The Little Cafe at the Edge of Eternity

Lunatic Messiah

The Matador

Michael and Claire...  (2004)
My Sweet Suicide (1999)

Nine is Mine

Pink Ponies

Prize of the Pacific

Raw Fear


Revenge of the Chupacabras (2005) Spartan

Salvation (1998)


Small World
The Slanted Screen

Sleep When You're Dead (1997)
The Shadow Asset


Swtichback Valley

Touching Down (2005)

Tweek City (2005)

The Two Sisters (2007)

Under Arrest (1983)

The Unknown Cyclist (1998)


Voices from the High School (2002)

White-Collar Crime (1996) 

The Writer (2006)



Notable Local Personalities

Bounty Hunters (2004) Leonard Padilla


Local Independent Production Companies

Aestus Films

Bad Highway Productions
Badd Sully

Burning Grounds

Hooks and Taylor Entertainment


Sacramento Film People

Carlos Alazraqui
Mark S. Allen
Adrienne Barbeau

Jeffrey Boam

Levar Burton

Timothy Busfield B Street Theatre
Joe Carnahan

Matthew Carnahan
Michael Dryhurst

Sam Elliott
Colin Hanks
Tom Hanks

Hill Harper
Henry Hathaway

Brian Hooks
Charlie Holliday

Molly Ringwald

Deon Taylor


Local Locations Independent Houses

The films in this section were made fully or partly on location here in the Sacramento region. These films were made by production companies that are not part of the major studio system.  


7eventy 5ive (2006) Hooks & Taylor

The Dark Side of Midnight (1984) Troma

Death Machines (1976) Crown

The Enemy Next Door (1994) Cornerstone

Elsa Letterseed (2004) Endeavor

Fandom (2004) Netflix

Gas Pump Girls (1979) Vestron

Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff (1979) IFI/Scope

Jump Cut (1993) Peacock

Karate Cop (1991) Romarc

Letters from a Killer (1998) Sterling

Omega Cop (1990) Romarc

A Public Affair (1962) Parade

Return Fire (1988) Romarc

Street Sisters (1974) Front Row

Three Bad Men (2005) Iron Horse

The Vals (1982) Jensen Farley


Local Locations Studio Movies

The films in this section were made fully or partly on location here in the Sacramento region. These films were made by the major studios.


All the King's Men (1949) Columbia

American Beauty (1999) Dream Works

Another 48 Hrs. (1990) Paramount

Assassination of Richard Nixon (2004) Appian

Baby Doll (1956) Warner

Beyond the Mat (1999) Lions Gate

The Big Country (1958) United Artists

The Big Trail (1930)

Big Stan

Bird (1988)

Blood Alley (1955) Warner

The Bodyguard (1992) Warner

Bound for Glory (1976) MGM

Breakdown (1997) Paramount

Brother John (1971) Columbia

Captain America II... (1979) Universal

The Christmas Card (2006) Hallmark

Coast to Coast (1980) Paramount

Cobb (1994) Warner

Come Next Spring (1956) Republic

Cool Hand Luke (1967) Warner

Dead Man on Campus (1998) MTV

Deadly Harvest (1972) CBS

Deadly Whispers (1995) CBS

Diggstown (1992) MGM

Dodge City (1939) Warner

Dragonfly (2002) Universal

Dreamscape (1984) Fox

Fat City (1972) Columbia

Feast of Love (2007) Lakeshore

Friendly Fire (1979) ABC

Flubber (1997) Disney

George Wallace (1997) TNT

Gentle Ben (2002) Hallmark

Gentle Ben 2 (2003) Hallmark

Glory Days (1988) CBS

Gone But Not Forgotten (2004) Hallmark

Greed (1924) MGM

The Grissom Gang (1971) ABC

The Heat (1989) MGM

Her Minor Thing (2005) Crescent Moon

The High Hand (1915) Alliance

High Time (1960) Fox

The H-Man Cometh (2007) Universal

Howard the Duck (1986) Universal

Incredible Journey of... (1979) Columbia

Indiana Jones and the...  (1984) Paramount

Inventing the Abbotts (1997) Fox

Jungle Menace (1937) Columbia

The Laci Peterson Story (2004) Columbia

Lassie Come Home (1943) MGM

The Last of His Tribe (1992) HBO

The Lawless (1950) Paramount

Leave Yesterday Behind (1978) ABC

Life (1999) Universal

Lindbergh Kidnapping Case (1976) Columbia

Lucky Numbers (2000) Paramount

Man of Conquest (1939) Republic

Mandalay (1934) Warner

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) Columbia

Moonshine County Express (1977) Warner

More American Graffiti (1979) Universal

Oklahoma Crude (1973) Columbia

Out of the Woods (2005) Hallmark

Path to War (2002) HBO

Phenomenon (1996) Touchstone
Pink Cadillac (1989) Warner

Pleasantville (1998) New Line

The Prize (1963) MGM

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Paramount

Rampage (1988) Miramax

Rescue Me (1993) Warner

The Retrievers (2001) First Look

Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000) Tribeca

R.P.M. (1970) Columbia

The Second Civil War (1997) HBO

Senior Year (1974) Universal

Straight from the Heart (2003) Hallmark

The Strawberry Statement (1970) MGM

The Stunt Man (1980) Fox

The Sure Thing (1985) MGM

...tick...tick...tick... (1970) MGM

Undercover with the KKK (1979) Columbia

Union Pacific (1939) Paramount

The Valley of Light (2006) Hallmark

The War Lord (1965) Universal

The World's Greatest Athlete (1973) Disney

White Mile (1994) HBO

Wisdom (1986) Fox

xXx (2002) Columbia